Yallis Pratt

Yallis Pratt Has spent his entire life manipulating his way up the ranks of the ScTc quite successfully. He volunteered for this assignment and believes having the discovery of the lost city of Bantu Asparr accredited to him will make him a living legend in the organization and give him influence like no other member has had before.
Many rumors swirl about Yallis Pratt. Among them,

Pratt started in the organization as an enforcer and has no qualms about killing people for the smallest of failures.

Pratt’s ancestors are said to be related to creatures of myth and legend and he has the blood of dragons in his veins.

Pratt, besides being an expert appraiser of art, jewelry, weapons, armor, horses, textiles, antiques and rare books can also size up people within moments of meeting them and can access their strengths and weaknesses as quick.

Any or none of these could be true. Time may tell.

Yallis Pratt

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