Storm Harbor

In 219AM, the Captain of the exploration ship “Valiant” scanned the horizon and could see nothing but fast approaching storm clouds from the West. Unable to out run the storm, canvas was rent and at least 2 men were washed overboard and could not be recovered. Attempts to turn into the storm proved to much and finally the rudder chain broke.
Concerned for the lives of his crew, the Captain made a desperate plea to the Goddess Moneva

Ne’er again shall I set foot upon the Sea if’n ye see fit to spare me ship and crew, or take me soul if ye so wish.

At that moment, a spar snapped and struck the Captain on the head. Although he was not killed, he lay in a stupor for 3 days. When he awoke, his crew told him how the ship had been carried by the storm until it became beached upon the shore in a fine bay.
The Captain saw to the repairs of the ship but gave leadership to the Navigator and charged him

Get me crew back home, for I have taken a vow n’ I shall not break it less me life be forfeit.

It is said it took over a year for some of the crew to return to rescue the Captain only to find him fat and happy. Feasting on a platter sized variety of crab now known as Storm Crabs after the name he had given the harbor. Nearby natural springs seemed to have near magical healing and restorative powers. Citrus trees grew in great numbers in the nearby foothills. Natural predators abound however in the form of large felines that hunted the herds of small deer like horned animals that roamed across the land.
A town was formed almost on the spot and once an overland route to Rann’s Grotto was established it was only a matter of time until it grew to be a city.
These days, besides the Storm Crabs and rolling citrus groves, Storm Harbor is also known for its temple of Moneva by the sea and the temple of Ospalar up in the hills.

Storm Harbor

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