Sovereign Host

Sovereign host

The Sovereign Host is not a single deity but rather refers to both a pantheon of gods and the method of their worship. The tenants of the Sovereign Host religion posit that those mostly benevolent deities dedicated to Creation are worthy of an organized faith and method of adoration that acknowledges the role all of them play in the lives of mortals. The clergy of the Sovereign Host do not have patron deities but are instead devoted to the entire Host.

Does not even the blacksmith, who as all know worships Adamaro, also venerate Bravarian when he uses fire from his forge, Gremmen when he feasts upon deer and wild radishes, Kandhara when he throws dice at the public house, Ospalar when he returns home to the love of his wife and children, Faulk when he sells his wares, Tauth when he consults oracles on Year’s Dawning, and Moneva in his twilight years and final moments? The blacksmith’s life is a testament to the sovereignty of the Host, demonstrating that it is appropriate that his worship reflect this. Think now upon your life and the role of all the gods in it.

- Divine Sovereignty, Ch. 1


Sovereign Host

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