Solomon Groo

Solomon groo
Although not in hiding, not many know the full history or abilities of this Half-Orc. Old now but still sharp of mind, Solomon Groo bares his many battle scars and old injuries with stoic pride. Although an expert of many weapons and fighting styles, he is a master of the Falchion dance Orc fighting style. And was the teacher of both Khaine and his father before him.

After posing as a Savage Orc Shaman along with Sword Sergeant Rogumm several of his traveling journal pages were ripped out and stolen later to be presented to Khaine. The small pages are covered in a blocky wide script in a mishmash of Orcish and common.

_ On this day I can’t help but remember his father …the best human I had ever trained to that point. He was cocky in the way that some humans can be, believing themselves equal to but just slightly more superior than other races. Then again, he thought he was better than most humans too. But he was open minded, quick, and tough enough to survive the training with pure blood Orcs. In the end it was his loyalty… His loyalty to me that was his strongest trait and the one that would make him hunted the rest of his life. Khaine’s father had saved the ancestral blade from being taken or destroyed in the fire or by rival schools, but they would not be content to let a human be its master. I really believed that he would be the one, but I was wrong like so many other times in my life.
I remember the day that his father brought him to me, the day before he left. Khaine was 7 years old. He was more playful than a forest rat chasing fall leaves and had already broken his nose and an arm by scrapping with other boys much older than himself. His father left the boy and sword in my care, & I would train him in to adulthood.
Still, I thought I was wrong again until I saw the boy, grown into a man just today! I wish I could talk to him openly, tell him! I could see in his eyes, in his spirit, the Khano’Nash (a combination of Orcish words meaning ‘warrior who is a comrade’ and ‘to separate or slice’). Although I have never been a holy man, some of my people have looked upon me as a spiritual guide. To have trained the Khano’Nash, I must truly have been blessed by the Gods. To see in Khaine he who stepped back in time and set our people on a path out of darkness… To know it was my formal pupil who put us on the hard road to peace and coexistence with the Humans and Elves justifies all of the the difficult decisions His father and I made. It certainly makes the months of danger traveling. With these barbarians of the North and pretending to be one of these savage Orc mercenaries along with Splitbone* one eye worth it. When my childhood friend splitbone* said he needed my help, neither of us knew it would take my old bones on an adventure in to Orc lands, across the frozen North, then down through the great green to the lost ancient capital. Now if Only I could aid my F’kal** in what he must do next. But it seems that may lead me to my death or redemption in battle.

*translated from Orcish.

  • Son that was not of my loins._

Solomon Groo

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