On their own, shadows arise from the souls of greedy but lackluster evildoers—those whose crimes are heinous, but who lack the rage of a spectre or the exultation in evil often found in wraiths. The bandit who unemotionally slits her victims’ throats because it’s convenient, the petty diplomat who orders a witch burning to cover up his adulterous affair, and the miserly headmaster who lets orphans starve to save a few coppers all make good candidates for becoming shadows.

Shadows sap strength from the living in an effort to feed their dark hunger and satisfy their eternal desire to touch the world once again. Because death at the hands of a shadow means becoming one, places plagued by the creatures are either already desolate ruins, or else quickly become so once enough shadows have infested the area. Newly created shadows seek out and drain the life from others, creating yet more shadows, until all living creatures have either fled or joined their ranks. This leaves shadow-haunted places isolated as word of the danger spreads, and ensures that the shadows there are ravenous when the next living beings appear.

It has been said that some of these creatures sap other abilities and traits… but this is but rumor at this point.


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