Rann's Grotto

B5f8aaca5d3e289ce996b36c1ef3a662 d426nlcWhat started out as a fishing village and small farms has grown into the bread basket of the Kingdom of Isles. With mild winters and a long growing season, together with rich soil, Rann’s Grotto supplies huge amounts of the kingdom’s food staples. Wheat, rice, oats, barley and hops all thrive and are grown in vast quantities here.

As large as the city is, there is still an aura of rural farming community when strolling its gravel roads. The people are hard working and friendly and many Island Lords and wealthy merchants own country estates near the area.

The dockside taverns can be a little rough at night but regular patrols from the nearby fort help to keep things running smoothly free of any major trouble.

The outlaying farms and estates were heavily damaged recently when Goblins attacked in 308.9AM in what has come to be known as the Battle of Rann’s Grotto.

Rann's Grotto

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