Potion of Verdant Restoration

green_pot.jpg When poured on a common plant, mold, or fyngus, there is an explosion of growth that increases the size category of the plant by one.

When consumed by or poured over a creature with the plant sub-type, that creature is healed as if it had consumed a cure serious wounds potion. and gains the regeneration ability for 6 hours.

If a creature without the plant sub-type should consume this potion, he/she suffers 1d4 Con damage, that may be healed normally after the effects of the potion have worn off, but is healed as a cure serious wounds potion. And gains the plant sub-type for 10 minutes. Their skin turns green, brown…etc. and may have vines, tendrils, flowers and tiny thorns or bark. As an interesting side effect the creature may have cravings for dirt, grass and raw vegetables and an almost unquenchable thirst for water for days or even weeks after consuming this potion.

Potion effects do not stack and a person may only have the effects of 1 in a six hour period.

Potion of Verdant Restoration

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