MONEVA, Goddess of death, caster of nets, fisher of souls, she who waits, the dark of the sea.

It is said that of all the Gods, Moneva was the most even tempered, neither seeing joy in the raising of the sun nor fear when gazing into the void. Her one interest seemed to be with the plight of souls after a mortal’s death. Alone and wandering through the afterlife they were easy prey for forces of destruction and evil. Braiding the long straight strands of her hair, she cast it forth as a net and collected all the wandering souls of the world and gathered them to her where she built a protected place to keep them safe until the day of Judgment.

Neither feared nor loved, Moneva is respected by most. It is said that none escape the nets of Moneva. If anything raises the wrath of the goddess, it could be undead. Seen as an abomination or a mockery.



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