Conjurers Cane

Conjures_Cane.jpgConjurers Cane (Staff)
Aura strong conjuration; CL 13th
Slot none; Price 82,000 gp; Weight 4 lbs.

This ornate walking stick appears to be made of a polished dark wood adorned with carvings of many different creatures both terrestrial and planar with a large smokey crystal sitting on top. As a free action when wielded, or whenever a summoning spell is being cast by the wielder, the relief’s move slowly but constantly as if alive. When summoning, the type of creature chosen appears to move up the staff towards the crystal top which glows during casting.

The Conjurers Cane grants the following;

  • Acts as a +1 club
  • Extended Summons (Extend Spell only for Summon Spells)
  • Tongues as a constant effect (only to communicate with outsiders)
  • Detect Outsiders 30’ radius 360o (as detect undead but only vs planar creatures)

Use of the following spells (5 Charges):

  • Unseen servant (1 charge)
  • Magic Circle Against (x) (2 charge)
  • Dismissal (2 charges)

Currently Wielded by Almaran Kithalil
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Conjurers Cane

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