Ranger, Void-Slayer, Last living kin of Korim Cracked-Helm, captain of the first swords


Rosch was the last born to a renowned captain of the Golden Lions, Korim Cracked-Helm.

Korim insisted that each of his six children learn the martial skills of a soldier from an early age. When each of the sons of Korim reached age 17, they enlisted in the Golden Lions, hoping to distinguish themselves enough to be assigned to fight alongside their father.

By the time Rosch was 15, all the older sons of Korim had become Golden Lions. The eldest, Kabrick, was part of Korim’s own elite “First swords of Akadimar”. The rest of Korim’s children were jealous at the chance to be sent far afield throughout the Kingdom to fight the most dangerous foes that faced the people since the Magiclysm.

But one such mission proved too much for the First Swords. Korim Cracked-Helm and his First Swords of Akadimar, including his first-born son Kabrick, were sent to address reports of a terrible monster near Kes Quel Fal. They were never heard from again.

Rocked by the loss, Korim’s remaining sons, one-by-one, sought out rumors of the monster, hoping to find where it might re-appear, but one-by-one, the sons of Korim disappeared just as he did.

Now Rosch is all that’s left. The name Korim Cracked-Helm and all that he did rests on his youngest, and only remaining child. Rosch will not throw away the last of the lifeblood of Korim. Instead, she seeks knowledge of the creatures that creep through the void, learning to hunt and kill them, and perhaps someday track down the creature that took her kin.



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