Elven - Tracker/Thief Catcher - Spin Blade & Chakram


With fiery red hair and steal grey eyes Din’dae’s appearance is a contrast to his normally stoic disposition. His quiet, patient and disciplined demeanor has often been mistaken for elven aloofness or arrogance.


Raised in the city and surrounding woods of Akadimar by his uncle it was important for Din’dae to hold fast to his eleven heritage. Although surrounded by non elves and the noise of the big city he has stayed devoted to the green of nature that speaks to his heart. Even so he has seen the chaos that those who prey on the weak bring so has sought to master the urban wilds of this ever growing metropolis with the design of balancing the chaos where he can.

Notable Items & Marks
Doublebladedsword Snakescale_Armor.png Stalker mask Ring-of_Seven_Virtues.png belt-roof-runner.jpg
Windsplitter Snakescale Armor War Mask of Astarwee Ring of Seven Virtues Belt of the Roof Runner
Golden stag Moonshadow.png Jhereg.png
The Golden Stag Moonshadow Skyyfang
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