Kingdom of Isles

Epic of the Alliance - Chapter 2

Jemmrand sorrowtongue

A ship made land on sovereign sand
Alliance reached their harbor planned
But where once shone their city grand
Sat smoking, half-sacked, ruin

A war proclaimed, the jewel defamed
Heinous spells The Lions maimed
The prince’s birthright fast-declaimed
His guilt almost a shoo-in

But still endured Akadimar
And none would soon forget the scar
With news of serpents from afar
The kingdom started scheming

New Golden orders to explore
Alliance sails fly full once more
The search for vile and viperous lore
The One beyond redeeming

Through aging mines and salty wights
An evil orb of bluish lights
The seer’s cure and blessed rites
Made elf no longer blighted

But while one member was made whole
Evil will always claim its toll
The augur’s life, now just a soul
Her visions still far-sighted

There’s stories told of heroes bold,
of powers old as giants
before stones quake, before the break,
their fists would shake: defiance!
now all is cracked, the skies turned black
there’s no well-backed reliance
but far from home, if you’re alone
look for the brave Alliance.


Really good one Jefferson.

Epic of the Alliance - Chapter 2

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