Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 7 - Much Has Changed

Image   din dae with chainmail

It has been some time since I have put thoughts to parchment. Mostly it was due to my former affliction. The pain of writing spoiled more pages than I care to count. But that was then.

Much has changed… like the home we return to from our stint on Sailors Hook is now thrust into a civil war. The rumor is that the Crown Prince made a play for the throne, and that serpent men along with horned demons attacked the city by ship and with the aid of great magics. Defeated the invaders were, the Kingdom now stands a bit divided. Looking inwards for the villain instead of outwards. I believe that was part of the the true masterminds goal and seems to have been at least partially successful.

Much has changed… like the curse I was under has been lifted. A treacherous trek to the Temple of the Ebon pool and the Oracle there in was needed to cure me of the curse. In payment we defeated a growing evil deep within the mines below the mountain. The process of curing me was not a simple tasks and not without its cost. The Oracle gave her life that I may be free. The cost was too high but I was told that she saw I and my companions played a significant roll in events to come.

What has not changed… is our determination to end Celia’s threat as we feel it has not stopped at Sailor’s Hook.

What has not changed… is or commitment to severing the head of evil whenever it rises before us.

What has not changed… is my loyalty to my friends, to my companions. For they have been there for me at my lowest. As such I will continue to fight for them, to bleed for them, if necessary to die for them. For they have proven worthy of that respect.



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