Kingdom of Isles

2nd Letter to Argonnian


Argonnian, Temple of the Sovereign Host, Akadimar:
Sent in faith, Palomar, Fort Pliskin (308.11 AM).

There was much I was unable to tell you during my brief visit following the events on Sailor’s Hook and the assault on Akadimar. As you know, I spent my youth in carnal pursuits and used my gift of influence to bully and seduce. It was my hope that as a cleric of the Sovereign Host I would foster within myself and others compassion, patience, and forgiveness. While those traits may grow easily in the hearts of others, mine has proven infertile soil for such seed. But my faith is not lost, as there are other spiritual gifts that have taken root, such as prophecy, honor, and judgment.

My walk with the Sovereign Host has become as one charged with stamping out the root of evil, and I embrace it with zeal. In so doing, I feel the presence of divinity, and it is transforming me into something more than mortal. I am able to see into the hearts of men and know if evil lurks there. Black magic, deadly poison, virulent disease, and open flame do me little to no harm. I fear nothing, and those around me are inspired by my courage. The power of the gods I was taught to focus with my holy symbol and through prayer now comes bidden to me by faith alone. Even as I look upon the godstone and it responds to my will, I begin to see fewer differences between it and myself, for I too am a channel of divine power and have been touched by the gods.

I write this letter prior to departing Fort Pliskin in pursuit of a lost city of ancient Aspari that may play a key role in the attempt to revive the elder evil known as Sithyiis. I have left with you my notes on the presence of the Darklord among the goblins, the machinations of the Aspari witch Celia, and the writings found in the forgotten temples on Sailor’s Hook. I now provide here the details of the suspected location of the lost city written in Celestial.



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