What do you do when all you have known is in ruins and civilization as you knew it is lost…? You start over.

Once just a sleepy chain of islands in the Inner Sea used by the Old Kingdoms nobles for vacation villas and where hearty fisher folk and farmers eked out a good but modest living. The chain of islands became one of the last bastions of humanity and the starting place of a new kingdom after the magiclysm which destroyed most if not all of the Old Kingdoms. With the senior most surviving noble hastily crowned the new king and some quick alliances made, the Kingdom of Isles was born. Like Adamaro himself, the varied peoples of the Isles, Man, Elf, Dwarf, Halfling and Orc, forged a kingdom anew from the ruins of the old.

Civilization is a flame in the wind. Dangers and magic from empires of old await in crumbled ruins. The very gods send portents of doom.

Will you face the enemies of all… Will you enter the Kingdom of Isles.

Kingdom of Isles

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