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It was over 300 years ago that the great magiclysm struck and life would never be exactly the same again. The land fell, oceans boiled, mountains thrust to the sky where only farmland had stood and jungles and forest expanded at a supernatural rate. This could be thought of as a natural disaster if not for what some have labeled The Purging.

Mages and Holy Men and some who didn’t seem to be touched by magic at all burst into flame, became pillars of ice, blew away on the wind as if so much dust or turned into smoldering statues of volcanic rock.

Many theories abound but the most widely believed is that there was a war among Gods or that Magic itself had somehow gone wrong…

On the chain of islands in the middle of the Inner Sea, the seeds of noble races survived. The hard working fisher folk and servants and vacationing lords and Ladies who used the islands for their summer palaces made up the core of survivors. A new king was crowned, King Roderick I. His first duty was to make contact with the small Elven city of Quilestra and an alliance was formed. And thus the Kingdom of Isles was forged. Also at this time the king sent out every ship that could still float with what ever crew there was to scour the seas looking for refugees and go to various mainland ports to see what could be found. Some survivors were indeed found but of the great cities of the mainland, nothing was heard, the land masses and coast lines had changed and some of the rescue boats never returned.

3 years later a group of 40 half dead, half blind, Dwarfs made their way to the surface from one of the mountains on Falk Island. They had been in some of the deepest mines of the earth when the magiclysm struck and had been struggling to the surface, guided on three occasions by visions of Ospalar, ever since. Of the 200 who originally survived, this was all that remained.

Upon his death 6 years AM (After magiclysm) King Roderick I chose his successor, an Elf, King Feyanor, so that with his long elven lifespan the people would have some since of stability during what he knew would be rough decades ahead.

One of the more controversial decisions of Feyanor I was to free all Orcs and Half-orcs which had been on the islands before the magiclysm for slave labor and some, as arena entertainment. Though this was hard at first, the Orcs had as much to gain in their new homeland as any one and have since bread in to the kingdom over the decades. Orcs and Half-orcs are now judged by deeds as well as any man of the Isles and most know the difference between a Savage Orc and a Kingdom Orc.

A number of the sly Halfling folk also survived and despite their small stature came to be found in every level of society. Now the new kingdom was more diversely richer than the old with the culture and traditions of many peoples and races blending yet unique. Never before had a nation of so many races existed.

Another decision was to establish a grand academy. This school would train the royal Army and Navy, be a place of study for the few remaining mages in the kingdom, New acolytes for the larger religions would be taught in the grand temples and it has even spawned famous adventuring guilds such as the Farstrider Society. Now the large city of Akadimar has sprung up to support the school and is seen as a jewel in the crown of the isles.

Not all went smooth. 100 years passed, the Isles established new colonies on the mainland, some flourished but some were lost, the inhabitants slain by unknown hands or simply vanished. One colony however was struck down from within. Lord Jascar LeMere, a descendent of Roderick I and a brilliant Naval Captain, attempted a coup, when that failed he retreated to his palace on an Island far to the East. While the nobility was recovering and deciding what to do, Jascar Sacked and burnt to the ground the city of Port Denikar and fortified his small island, calling it The Free City of Jascar, while others now call it “Darkharbor”. Built up to withstand almost any invasion, he claimed himself as “Jascar the Great” seeing himself as some sort of Pirate King and indeed, to this day, the corsairs of Darkharbor are feared by any city along the coast not well guarded.

300 years passed and on the day marking the tragedy of 3 centuries ago, during a blessing for the future, one of the Gods appeared! Towering over the altar, 50 feet tall and bathed in an almost blinding pure white light, he proclaimed that new allies existed in the world and new enemies as well. As loved and worthy as the children of this sphere were to him, he could only do so much to help. He gave council to the current King, Bernhardt III and his Senators and then, before vanishing, bade them to expand, to raise up and meet the enemies of the kingdom or they would surely be swept aside.

In short. This is a world rebuilding itself. Much old magic and knowledge has been lost. New cities and strange races are rumored to now exist and ruins of old cities wait to be explored. Plots from inside the kingdom threaten to end its frail existence and although “adventurers” are regulated, they are a working part of society. Magic is looked at with caution and still rare, but accepted.

Who shall rebuild the kingdoms of old, who shall risk the dangers that lurk, who will reap the rewards of the Gods…?

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