VANGKX (Vanks) God of Slaughter and Carnage, the jaws that snap, spiller of blood, the tainted one, Vangkx the mad.

Corrupted by foul evil in a battle to save the Forge of Creation, Vangkx now exist for the joy of bloodshed and destruction. While most all Gods see the need for a cycle of life and death when it comes to mortals, Vangkx simply wants to destroy, kill and pick the bones, be it Man, monster or civilization itself. A priest of Vangks is a doomed soul indeed participating in the most depraved of rituals to scar and debase himself, torture, kill and rape his victims.

So I cast aside what you hath wrought Adamaro. My weapons shall be claw and fang and venom, my armor shall be fur and hide and scale and I shall slake my thirst with the blood of your creations…

Koschei the deathless by perzo


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