totem spirit

Many cultures that have a closer relationship with nature are able to commune with nature spirits. Some are able to bond with these spirits and in so doing gain skills associated with their animal spirit. Once an individual’s totem spirit is awakened, that animal becomes their totem for life.

Once per week, the heroes can channel the power of her totem spirit as a move action and gain a +5 sacred bonus on any associated skill check, OR use wild empathy to communicate with creatures of the animal species related to her totem spirit.

Hoofed mammal Stag, Bull, Goat Handle Animal, Heal, Survival
Canine Wolf, Wild Dog, Hyena Bluff, Perception, Sleight of Hand
Carnivorous vermin Mantis, Spider, Wasp Climb, Stealth, Survival
Equine Horse, Wild Donkey Diplomacy, Handle Animal, Ride
Feline Mountain lion, Lynx, Cat Disguise, Perception, Stealth
Large mammal Elephant, Hippopotamus, Rhinoceros Bluff, Intimidate, Survival
Bird Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Vulture Appraise, Fly, Perception
Reptilian Lizard, Turtle, Snake Intimidate, Stealth, Swim
Small mammal Rat, Porcupine, Ferret Climb, Escape Artist, Stealth
Simian Ape, Gorilla, Lemur, Monkey Acrobatics, Climb, Disable Device

In addition, since the entire party has chosen to awaken their spirit totem, the guidance of their animal spirits reduces their travel time over the course of an entire day of travel.

Recently, members of The Alliance had their totem spirits awoken during an encounter with some Zenji spirit dancers.

Palomar Great Eagle
Jemmrand Sorrowtongue Snow Lynx
Din’dae Golden Stag
Khaine Grey Wolf

totem spirit

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