The Void


There I stood awestruck in the Forge of Creation, in the presence of great celestial beings beyond my comprehension, in the presence of the Sovereign Host.

But beyond the Host, beyond the heavens, there was something else… an utter darkness of evil, a gaping void of annihilation, a malignant sentience of depredation. And it was coming closer.

Then a voice the sound of a thousand voices spoke to me, causing me to tremble but filling my soul like pure spring water:

Will you stand beside us Palomar… will you stand with us against that?

- excerpt from the journal of Holy Brother Palomar, Church of the Sovereign Host.

To most people, the Void is that space that could not be filled by the Gods, a place of nonexistence; that place farthest away from the light of the Gods and the warmth of the Forge of Creation. This is the place where evil souls are banished, having not been found worthy by Moneva, to be consumed by creatures of destruction.

The Void

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