The Seven


Soul shards of deceased former wielders of Windsplitter that inhabit the weapon. The souls emphatically and occasional directly speak with Din’dae sharing their thoughts opinions and sometimes personality traits. “The Seven” is a monicker Din’dae coined to refer to these spirits.

Name Notable Comments

House Talaviri

Leader 3rd Wealdlanders. Creator of Windsplitter, co-founder of the Wealdlanders, Completed building Bantu Asparr which was designed by Vacara, retired and passed of old age.

House Shalandavar

Eldest son. Fell to dark influences, founded the Cult of the Bat, executed for crimes against his people

House Shalandavar

Youngest son. Though not fully trained, Inherited Windsplitter from fallen brother and given command of small regiment, killed in battle with Orcs

House Des’Qualie

Elven Hero known as the Silver Spear. Zealous defender of Elven people, linked to Din’dae across time

House Vinchalla

Elven Noble and Warrior. Founder of Finis’Zephyr (deaths wind) warrior mages, great uncle to Din’dae, defeated Murmandus and helped to banish his Dark Brotherhood

House Quisala

3rd son of Boreal Lord Quisala. Aristocrat, ladies man, not a true warrior

House Akadim

Author of the treaty of Aquidia Taier. The last commander of Castle Slate
Current Living Wielder Notable Comments

House Vinchalla

Co-founder of the Alliance. Orphaned adventurer, hero and seeker of his past


The Seven

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