The Moredhel


The Twilight Takers… The Dusk Raiders… The Fallen… the Followers of Murmandus… The Moredhel…

Ages ago a sect of the ancient elves following a war leader named Murmandus began to gain infamy with their violence and war crimes. While there was no love lost amongst the races there were levels “the people” would never dip too, darkness they should never embrace. Yet Murmandus, thought otherwise and when brought up for his war crimes and for embracing darker arts he attempted to stage a coup instead. He was defeated by Fel’Emil of house Vinchalla and he and his followers were banished by the house mages from the material plane to “never to know the days or nights of this world again.”

Onyx_and_Delekhan.JPG Although banished to a twilight plane they were not without power. With the aid of Murmandus and his dark deities powers they have managed to survival their imprisonment. The effort has forced Murmandus into a deep sleep waiting for a time when his followers can free him. The current leader is an elf priest named Delekhan whom the Fallen and Cursed Ones follow devotedly. These are elves and orge magi touched by shadow and further corrupted by magics.

While the magic of the plane has slowed their aging it has also rendered them sterile. With great effort they have managed to create magical devises that allow them to gate to the material world once every 50 years or so to the place of their betrayal. Only during the time of twilight or pre-dawn are they able to touch the land of this world. Taking the resources they need to grow… elves.

Recent Events
The Alliance was present during the last culling of the Elves in Bantu Aspar and helped push back the raid. they even journeyed to the twilight plane to rescue captives and Osond’s daughter. During the raid the Fallens leader, Delekhan, seemed to recognize Windsplitter and a focused hatred seemed to flare in him for the weapon and its wielder Din’dae.

The Moredhel

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