Sylouette.jpg Born of the desert elves from beyond the Reaching Sands dark skinned raven haired beauty was captured young and sold into slavery. Learning to use guile and cunning she mastered the art of seduction, stealth, poisons and archery. Eventually she began serving as a spy and assassin for several different houses until their games bored her, at which point she simply left for the Free Cities and the Kingdom. Once there she quietly developed a reputation as a hired killer and spy although it has never been proven nor her convicted.

It is unclear how she came into the employ of the Baroness, but seemed to be a loyal pawn in her plans.

Sylouette was blinded and then killed violently by Almaran during their second meet while battling at the orc School of Blades in Akadimar.

Oddly her body was stolen from the city morgue the next day.


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