MOLGUS The creeping doom, He that consumes, Father of Decay, Most unclean one.


MolgusDriven insane, turned to evil by foul corruption or by choice, Molgus was never the same after the battle in the Forge of Creation. Much time passed and he grew apart from his brothers and sisters. He would constantly assume other forms never settling on one for long. More time passed and he was found by the others gibbering to himself with blood and flesh dripping from his mouth, his own hand gnawed to the bone in macabre mockery of Adamaro’s wound.

It crawls, it bleeds, it screams…. IT FEEDS!!

Now when Molgus appears to his followers it is many times as a composite creature of mold and bone, rot and corruption. Many types of undead are his creation, decaying eaters of the living in defiance of the power of the other Gods.

Seed of Molgus


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