lost city of Bantu Asparr

The_Entrance.jpg The Northern fringes of the lost city after passing through the threshold of protections that surround the city.



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City Districts

1. Artist District

  • Passive: +2 Craft / Perform
  • Active: Craft time reduced by 25%

2. Agricultural District

  • Passive: +2 Survival
  • Active: +4 Saves vs. Poison, Disease, Insanity.
    • Sustained as if wearing Ring of Sustenance

3. Government District

  • Passive: +2 Sense Motive
  • Active: +2 Will Saves

4. Merchant District

  • Passive: +2 Diplomacy
  • Active: +6 Spellcraft and Appraise

5. Military District

  • Passive: +2 Intimidate
  • Active: +2 Attack

6. Residential District

  • Passive: +2 Perception
  • Active: 2 hours counts as full rest: also get double full days rest benefit in health recovery.

7. Temple District

  • Passive: +2 Sense Motive
  • Active: All magic spells and effects are at cast at +1 Caster Level

The Great Green has a million ways to kill you. There is the lurking beast in the bush, hungry for your flesh. Or the sting of a venomous insect passing otherwise unseen. Or the hungry violence of roaming undead. Or even simply the exhausting heat or frigid cold . Yet the forgotten forest ruin compounds these dangers, for here lies
the false promise of security in an old building’s shelter. Yet know this—it is within the ruins of The Great Green that the greatest and oldest dangers await the chance to end lives.

Quoted advice from Dirty Deetz, mysterious, expert tracker and guide.

lost city of Bantu Asparr

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