Landru Kovack

Captain of The Sea Otter for many years, he knows the Inner Sea like the back of his hand and has sailed as far as the Truscanni Empire. Perhaps it has to do with his ship being heavy handily commissioned by the crown, but the Captain has been moody as of late.
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(Found aboard The Sea Otter )

The Captain’s Log

An examination of this log reveals that The Sea Otter captain seemed to be suffering from some sort of madness that grew over the course of the ship’s final voyage. Earlier entries from previous voyages are
precise in recording progress and events along the way, as are entries from the first two-thirds of this last trip. Yet as one reads further, the more recent the entries get, the less common they become—in some cases, several days are missing entries. What entries do appear are strangely short, focusing more and more on one of the passengers—the Reaching Sands scholar Celia, with whom the captain seems to have become obsessed. Several entries are nothing more than poorly written love poems to Celia, while others
bemoan Captain Kovacks inability to please her or catch her attention. Near the end, the entries begin to take on a more ominous tone with the captain starting to complain that other members of the crew are eyeing his Celia. In particular, he suspects his first mate is jealous and prevents him from being with her, and writes several times about how he wishes Danvers would just

have an accident.

The final entry is perhaps the most disturbing, for in it the captain writes of how he’s changed course for Sailor’s Hook at Celias request. He hopes that the two of them can make a home on the remote island, but also notes that the crew are growing increasingly agitated at the ship’s new course. The captain muses that

something may need to be done about the crew

if their suspicions get any worse.

Landru Kovack

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