Gremmen The ever changing, Green father, Elven seed, The slicing wind,

Forest god

If Adamaro is the creator and Moneva is the end, then Gremmen would be the cycle between life and death, the changing seasons and rhythms of nature. He had helped to created much of the flora and fauna in the world then created the Elven peoples to help care for his creations.

As the first creature wrapped it’s elongated arms around him, Gremmen shrieked in pain and his bark-like brown skin turned grey and withered. As the second and third creatures attacked the shriek turned in to a lingering groan of wretched despair. Gremmen’s cheeks drew in and his eyes shrank back into his head as his body seemed to fall in upon itself. The beasts of The Void turn around in the Forge of Creation to face the others and decide as one to focus on the weakened Adamaro. The sound of cracking as branches in a strong wind mingles with the cracking of one of the creatures skulls. With sharp turns of the head, the two remaining attackers faced the risen form of Gremmen, arms strong with knotted muscle as the limbs of an oak, taller and full of youth, rage in his eyes and skin a pale green.

The God strives for balance but can be destructive as an avalanche or gentle as a seedling depending on the need. In combat it is said the God moves with the grace of a feirce wind and that Ancient Elven fighting styles of the Qadda’Ar-han are bassed on this philosophy. Although all the noble races are his charge, the Elves revere him the most and some have said he in turn gives extra favor to his creation, the Elves.


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