Elven "Spinblade" Qadda'Ar-han


These weapons are almost never seen in modern times even among the most Elven of cities in the Kingdom of isles except in the hands of those MOST devout to an Elven heritage or by royal honor guards. Thus schools and fighting techniques have been all but lost. What is known is those who mastered the weapon were said to “dance with death at their side” by the combat teachings of Gremmen himself.

Deep underneath a ruined structure in a secret and hidden armory, this Elven weapon sat forgotten. Forgotten until fate guided Din’dae and his companions to discover its concealed resting place which was untouched by the ruin of time.

With this weapons specific history still clouded in mystery and it’s future yet to be defined, Din’dae feels the calling of his heritage through this Qadda’Ar-han and seeks to learn more of its past.

Elven "Spinblade" Qadda'Ar-han

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