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This is only a partial list of important dates in the campaign history. Players with knowledge History would know this information and any player would know some of this information but not the dates perhaps.

309.03AM Members of The Alliance use powerful magics to heal The Radiant Muse of mental afflictions.

309.01AM Members of The Alliance discover the lost city of Bantu Asparr, followed some days later by other factions.

308.12AM Members of The Alliance find the Lost Ruins of Mazion on the eve of Year’s Dawning.

308.12AM The Alliance reaches Ebonpool abby.

308.11AM Attacks on cities of Akadimar, Kingshome, and Kinsail.

308.10AM Members of The Alliance and Fellow Castaways
rescued from Sailor’s Hook

308.10AM Wreck of The Sea Otter on Sailor’s Hook.

308.9AM Battle of Rann’s Grotto

308.8AM Campaign begins.

307AM Earthquake near Riverside

300AM One of the Gods (believed by most to be Adamaro ) manifest in his temple on the 300th anniversary of the magiclysm.

282AM King Bernhardt III crowned at age 28. Palomar born.

269AM Human cities discovered in the Reaching Sands. Trade established.

260AM Three Nord cities break away and join the Kingdom of Isles.

251AM Riverside is founded.

238AM An invasion, that was to start with the occupation of Kes Quel Fal, by the Truscanni Empire, is thwarted by a series of late Spring storms. Most of the invading fleet was lost and concessions and compensation by some of the Truscanni Empire city-states prevented an all out war.

235AM New surviving Elves discovered in The Great Green. Some join their brothers in the Kingdom and are granted citizenship status, Many remain to live a rustic lifestyle, some even seem hostile toward outside contact.

227AM Human Civilization discovered in the far north, Called the Nord. Trade is established.

220AM City of Storm Harbor founded.

165AM City of Marshoon destroyed by unknown forces. No survivors found.

155AM City of Marshoon founded.

148AM Human city States, Truscanni Empire, discovered on Western Steam Coast.

127AM Jascar LeMere (the Great) believed to be killed in battle after a long chase by Kingdom forces along northern coast of the Inner Sea.

115AM Failed coup attempt by Lord Jascar LeMere. Port Denikar destroyed by Lord Jascar LeMere. Free City of Jascar (rogue city of Darkharbor) founded.

113AM City of Sheardrop founded

112AM Dwarven city of Nogen Guard found. Still half ruined and with little to no food production, The city was Renamed Gryff Heine and was accepted in to the Kingdom of Isles within just 2 months.

109AM Veroncor joins the Kingdom of Isles

97AM King Feyanor dies suddenly and without warning. Human King Palthor I crowned.

8AM Construction of the Great Beacon finished in Dwarfwatch.

7.5AM All Orcs and Half Orcs currently in the Kingdom of Isles made free citizens.

7.2AM City of Akadimar founded by royal decree.

6AM King Roderick I dies after naming Elven Prince Feyanor as his successor. Established that Monarchy can either be by birth, or by appointment.

3AM Dwarf refugees arrive on the surface of Falk Island, They are made Citizens of the Kingdom of Isles and the city of Dwarfwatch is founded.

0.4AM Alliance with Quilestra, Kingdom of Isles Founded.

0.1AM Roderick I crowned King.

0.0 The magiclysm and The Purging.

4.3OE Signing of the treaty of Aquidia Taier

5.11OE Battle of Hammon Bridge

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Dates in History

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