Camp Sovereign

Sovereign lighthouse

When the Kingdom of Isles was first expanding, Kingdom engineers erected a lighthouse on the southwest shore of Sailor’s Hook . The light was intended to warn approaching ships of the dangerous waters and, eventually, was to have been the first building in a small colony. The light and all plans for colonization were abandoned just before completion amid rumors of curses, haunts, and cannibalism.

When a group of adventurers was shipwrecked on the island, they discovered that the Red Fang cannibals had erected their village at the base of the lighthouse, subsequently preying upon other castaways for generations. After defeating the cannibals, the adventurers set about repairing the lighthouse and using the location as a jumping off point for their exploration of the island – calling it Camp Sovereign.

Despite appearances on the surface, below Camp Sovereign is a network of natural caves that show evidence of ancient use as an evil temple to a primordial snake-like humanoid race.

Future Plans

The apostle Palomar and the blademaster Khaine have casually discussed the future development of Camp Sovereign and Sailor’s Hook, though Palomar has much greater visions than any might imagine.

Port sovereign

Camp Sovereign

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