Belt of the Roof Runner


Description: Those Who Drift are known far and wide for their amazing entertaining displays of balance and leaping. It can be a good living while visiting a town for the enigmatic travelers. But a better living is to use their skills for second story jobs and high flying thefts. Many are born with this cat like grace, but others need a little help. For those favored sons and daughters, elders create the belt of the roof runner in a secret process said to date back to a time prior to the magiclysm.

These supple gray leather belts radiate faint enchantment magic. The belt helps its wearer maintain their center of gravity even when balancing in the most precarious of positions, allowing the wearer to retain his Dexterity bonus to AC when climbing, running, or using the Acrobatics skill to move on narrow surfaces or uneven ground. In addition, when making jump checks, the wearer is always considered to have a running start and if they deliberately fall, a DC 15 Acrobatics check allows them to ignore the damage from the first 20 feet fallen to land gracefully on their feet.

Currently worn by Din’dae
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Belt of the Roof Runner

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