Srpntflk3The Aspari, or Serpentfolk as they are called by The Alliance, are ancient beyond history when compared to the other races. Their language, Asparic, is as the smooth gratting of a grindstone.

With bodies between six and fifteen feet long, the average Aspari “stands” five to eight feet tall. Though they may resemble snakes with arms, they are foreign to the natural order. Skilled at the arcane and martial sciences, the Aspari represent a dire threat that apparently have managed to keep cities hidden from the other races of the world for thousands of years.

Their God, Sithyiis is a cunning and ruthless trickster who seems bent on destroying the other races of the world.


It seems that a simpler form of Serpent folk can be found in remote corners of the world …

These “Degenerate Serpentfolk”, although lacking the natural spell like abilities of their higher kin, do seem to be immune to mind-affecting magic. They do not posses the hyper intellect of their higher born relations, but are born stronger and with a natural hatred of other races.


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