All Seeing Eye


Aura Moderate Divination/Faint Enchantment; CL 10th
Slot neck; Price 55,500 gp; Weight —

Also known as a Travannis Lok, this silver amulet has a dragons eye stone the size of a plum in its center resembling a semi precious stone when not worn. When adorned however the eye takes on a more realistic hue and tone. It also moves, blinks and even looks at speakers or individuals passing by as if some creature was peering through from the other side.

  • Passive Benefits
    • +1 CL All Divination Spells
    • +1 Luck bonus to AC, CMD and Saves
  • Active Benefits
    • Alter Fate 2x day: As an immediate action, wearer can force any target within sight (including wearer) to re-roll a D20. The target must take the result of the second roll.
    • Spell Like Abilities x2 day: The eye has the ability to cast True Seeing and Scrying and has two chrages. As a standard action it can use one of its charges to cast either spell.

Currently Wielded by Almaran Kithalil
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All Seeing Eye

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