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  • Gunther

    One of the senior sailors who serve aboard the [[The Sea Otter]]. Simple of mind but deep of thought. Strong as an ox and superstitious as a farm wife. Gunther is likeable despite is quiet nature and slow thinking. !(media-item-align-center){height: …

  • Valita Danvers

    An expert sailor navigator and leader, Valita Danvers had a very promising future carrier as an officer of the Kings [[Golden Gryphons]] but her frustrations over being passed over for promotion while lesser officers were promoted fed in to an attitude of …

  • Ness Ramora

    Ness Ramora downplays her beauty when she can and is quick to mock or even assault anyone who makes flirtatious overtures toward her. Although averagely social when the party first met her, she has become more reclusive for the last several days, locking …

  • Shiro Gok

    Taciturn and dour, Shiro Gak has no sense of humor and little reason to smile. He has little patience for those who strike him as wasteful or spoiled, and is easily flustered by the attention of an attractive woman.

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