Kingdom of Isles

Palomar Exhorts Din'Dae

Upon Palomar and Enoreth’s reunion with their allies, Palomar viewed the curse that weighed heavily upon Din’dae and regretted even more the escape of the villain Celia. Nevertheless, he spoke to his elven companion of hope, faith, and the will of the gods borne out through mortal hands.

Though I am but a mortal man, know that my words are inspired. This does not speak to any greatness on my part, but that the gods, having chosen to remain in the heavens, consider it no mere thing what fate befalls us, their children. They care enough about us to speak to us, to guide us, and to make miraculous intercessions through mortal hands such as mine.

By this evidence we know them. But what of when evil befalls us, sorrow reigns supreme, and all seems lost? Have the gods abandoned us or become powerless? No. We as mortals have freewill to choose faith or despair, good or evil, order or chaos and events bear those choices out. But when the will of the Sovereign Host is inscrutable remember that faith is the proof of things unseen, that we can know that all things work together for good to them that place their faith in them.


Din’dae, though we come from different cultures, do not think our faith is not the same, for Gremmen is one of the Host and we revere him as well. It is written that when Gremmen fought the beasts of The Void in the Forge of Creation he too was disfigured and then even appeared to fall. And when his enemies thought him done he arose empowered and crushed them. Gremmen works towards balance through change, ensuring that after every winter comes the spring. It may now seem winter to you, but have faith that spring shall come, my friend… Spring shall come!

Palomar's Journal (Entry 6)


Having made it to Akadimar nearly a month after we set out for it, we have arrived only to find it in flames! As it turns out however, the greatest damage seems only along the coast… a naval attack? Who has the power to attempt such a thing? The pirates of Darkharbor? The Truscanni Empire? Certainly not the goblins… do they even HAVE watercraft?

While my mind turns ever towards those issues that I have been ordained to address, I know the other members of the Alliance have their own concerns as well. Khaine and Din’dae possess an association with the Kingdom’s military, Enoreth with the magi with which he trained, and then of course Jemmrand Sorrowtongue, who has still not reached the destination for which he was bound. I also expect that our fellow castaways, having survived the ordeal of shipwreck, will attempt to resume their lives.

  • I must inform the church regarding my discovery of the Unknown One and the endeavors of the serpentfolk witch Celia, and possibly the Darklord as well, to revive this elder god.
  • I wish to share our discoveries and explorations of the formerly cursed island with the royal cartographer or some such person or guild.
  • I desire to understand what threat to Akadimar caused the destruction seen there.
  • Finally, after conferring with the rest of the Alliance and praying to the Host, I shall decide upon a course of action.
Jemmrand's letter to Lady Hogalen
Funeral Fail


Lady Dierdra of house Hogalen,

I write to you with head hung low, knowing how disappointing it must have been to see your Lord and Husband Gembra Hogalen laid to rest without my renowned heraldry. You chose to commission a master-eulogy for Lord Hogalen because his deeds and life were deserving of the finest commemoration, and I hope you were able to conduct a dignified and glorious service for him without my performance.

It was never my intention to fail in my duties to your proud house, but as you must have no doubt heard, the ship I took to travel from Akadimar to Ran’s Grotto never reached its destination. I survived capture by pirates, shipwreck on the Sailor’s Hook, attack from murderous cannibals, and battle with monsters foul and moldy. I have only today returned to Akadimar, rescued by a passing ship some days ago.

The events of Sailor’s Hook and now the devastation in Akadimar have thrust me into a role of some importance, and there is much I must do to aid the King in protecting the Kingdom.

As a man of honor, I am glad to hear that Billius returned my fee to you when I did not arrive. I intend to complete my journey to Ran’s Grotto and to write a biography of your late husband free of charge, once my adventure to assist the Kingdom is complete. If I do not survive, I shall greet him in death and learn his story in the hereafter.

In grief and glory,
Jemmrand Sorrowtongue

Epic of the Alliance - Chapter 1

Jemmrand sorrowtongue

Upon the sailor’s hook marooned,
an island stained with blood and goo.
lost fighters, scoundrels, cadgers, crew,
with grit survived together

The gnashing hunger of Red Fangs
met cutting blades with squeals and clangs
the dark skinned damsel quit the gang
and brought the foulest weather

she shed her skin for slimy scales
where ocean on the stone shore wales
a spell held back the stormy gales
revealing tunnels under

An ancient temple, drips with fright
with evil magic dark as night
the witch escaped in misty flight
the elf cursed snake by blunder

A pirate’s gold, a captain’s log
a pod of mold, in a fungal fog
they sought the fight, despite the slog
Restored the forest spirit

They scourged undead without complaint
and shone the beacon that was faint
though none could cleanse the serpent’s taint
not all would ever fear it

There’s stories told of heroes bold,
of powers old as giants
before stones quake, before the break,
their fists would shake: defiance!
now all is cracked, the skies turned black
there’s no well-backed reliance
but far from home, joined on the roam
was born the Unknown Alliance.

2nd Letter to Argonnian


Argonnian, Temple of the Sovereign Host, Akadimar:
Sent in faith, Palomar, Fort Pliskin (308.11 AM).

There was much I was unable to tell you during my brief visit following the events on Sailor’s Hook and the assault on Akadimar. As you know, I spent my youth in carnal pursuits and used my gift of influence to bully and seduce. It was my hope that as a cleric of the Sovereign Host I would foster within myself and others compassion, patience, and forgiveness. While those traits may grow easily in the hearts of others, mine has proven infertile soil for such seed. But my faith is not lost, as there are other spiritual gifts that have taken root, such as prophecy, honor, and judgment.

My walk with the Sovereign Host has become as one charged with stamping out the root of evil, and I embrace it with zeal. In so doing, I feel the presence of divinity, and it is transforming me into something more than mortal. I am able to see into the hearts of men and know if evil lurks there. Black magic, deadly poison, virulent disease, and open flame do me little to no harm. I fear nothing, and those around me are inspired by my courage. The power of the gods I was taught to focus with my holy symbol and through prayer now comes bidden to me by faith alone. Even as I look upon the godstone and it responds to my will, I begin to see fewer differences between it and myself, for I too am a channel of divine power and have been touched by the gods.

I write this letter prior to departing Fort Pliskin in pursuit of a lost city of ancient Aspari that may play a key role in the attempt to revive the elder evil known as Sithyiis. I have left with you my notes on the presence of the Darklord among the goblins, the machinations of the Aspari witch Celia, and the writings found in the forgotten temples on Sailor’s Hook. I now provide here the details of the suspected location of the lost city written in Celestial.

Din'dae's Journal 7 - Much Has Changed

Image   din dae with chainmail

It has been some time since I have put thoughts to parchment. Mostly it was due to my former affliction. The pain of writing spoiled more pages than I care to count. But that was then.

Much has changed… like the home we return to from our stint on Sailors Hook is now thrust into a civil war. The rumor is that the Crown Prince made a play for the throne, and that serpent men along with horned demons attacked the city by ship and with the aid of great magics. Defeated the invaders were, the Kingdom now stands a bit divided. Looking inwards for the villain instead of outwards. I believe that was part of the the true masterminds goal and seems to have been at least partially successful.

Much has changed… like the curse I was under has been lifted. A treacherous trek to the Temple of the Ebon pool and the Oracle there in was needed to cure me of the curse. In payment we defeated a growing evil deep within the mines below the mountain. The process of curing me was not a simple tasks and not without its cost. The Oracle gave her life that I may be free. The cost was too high but I was told that she saw I and my companions played a significant roll in events to come.

What has not changed… is our determination to end Celia’s threat as we feel it has not stopped at Sailor’s Hook.

What has not changed… is or commitment to severing the head of evil whenever it rises before us.

What has not changed… is my loyalty to my friends, to my companions. For they have been there for me at my lowest. As such I will continue to fight for them, to bleed for them, if necessary to die for them. For they have proven worthy of that respect.

Din'dae's Journal 8 - Into the Great Green

Image   din dae with chainmail

Our trek through the dark woods between the Temple of Ebonpool and Fort Pliskin was full of dangerous and factions. First we encountered a company of tribal orcs, who true to legend attack us without provocation. Largely due to Enorath’s magics, we scattered their remains to the great winds for their bad judgement.

Towards the end of the same battle a score of forest elves, that had been tracking the tribal orcs, appeared sending arrows into the now fleeing orcs. A brief discussion and we were lead to their nomadic village and met with their chief. The conversation initially created some strain between Palomars and I. While speaking with the chief in elven, I got the impression my companion did not trust how I was handling the situation. However his approach with the chief directly bordered on disrespect and our audience was cut short.

I spoke to Palomar afterwards with support from Jemmrand and Khaine. My divine companion seemed to take my concerns to heart as well ask expressed his views. In the end I believe we have come to a better understanding of on another for it.

From there we made our way to Fort Pliskin, dealing with a foul undead and a demon possessed dire bear. The later nearly taking the life my my closest friend Khaine.


At the frontier keep we found more intrigue than we expected. Several factions had arrived ahead of us and seemed to be waiting for something. In addition, someone was poisoning the water and food. A warning from a fellow cast-away tip us to that fact and we were duty bound to help. As to the factions, we discovered that these were factions our fellow cast away had belonged to. It was also speculated that they were after the lost city, and perhaps even waiting for us.

With much discussion and not nearly enough fact for my liking, we decided to leave at first light without our military escort we met there in favor of speed and stealth. If there was to be a race, the thought was to get as much of a head start as possible. Taking precautions and preparing discreetly, by pre-dawn the following morning we ready for for our journey.

Collecting Jemmrand we set off into the Great Green just as a storm hit. Was that a bad omen? Or the gods help hide our trail? Only time would tell.

Palomar's Journal (Entry 7)


It is a good omen that he have reached the lost ruins of Mazion on the eve of Year’s Dawning, though it was no easy feat. This region of the Great Green is infested by demonic powers, though now somewhat diminished after our passing. As a result, I have begun to expand my studies to include further understanding the fiends of the Abyss.

Unfortunately, it has become apparent that Mazion is only the crumbled remains of an Aspari outpost rather than the ruins of one of their ancient true cities. However, we the Alliance suspect the remnants possess the key to finding the fabled lost city of Bantu Asparr – the true destination of our nemesis Celia and where we suspect the dread ritual we must prevent is meant to be performed.

Epic of the Alliance - Chapter 2

Jemmrand sorrowtongue

A ship made land on sovereign sand
Alliance reached their harbor planned
But where once shone their city grand
Sat smoking, half-sacked, ruin

A war proclaimed, the jewel defamed
Heinous spells The Lions maimed
The prince’s birthright fast-declaimed
His guilt almost a shoo-in

But still endured Akadimar
And none would soon forget the scar
With news of serpents from afar
The kingdom started scheming

New Golden orders to explore
Alliance sails fly full once more
The search for vile and viperous lore
The One beyond redeeming

Through aging mines and salty wights
An evil orb of bluish lights
The seer’s cure and blessed rites
Made elf no longer blighted

But while one member was made whole
Evil will always claim its toll
The augur’s life, now just a soul
Her visions still far-sighted

There’s stories told of heroes bold,
of powers old as giants
before stones quake, before the break,
their fists would shake: defiance!
now all is cracked, the skies turned black
there’s no well-backed reliance
but far from home, if you’re alone
look for the brave Alliance.

Epic of the Alliance - Chapter 3

Jemmrand sorrowtongue

Beyond the mines was endless green
Within the trees: orcs foul and mean
The mage sent forth his fiery mien
The rest moped up by arrows

The woodland tribes had worried vibes
Black branches hung with un-alive
A brilliant flash scorched undead eyes
And won the tree of gallows

A river crossed a creature’s lair
They fought what seemed a dire bear
Behind its eyes: a demon’s glare
The fighter faced its glower

The beast roared up, teeth en-gnashed
The river full of bodies slashed
Before it’s full demonic splash
Black Fang cut short its power

On to the Fort, well-attended
Camps and walls both well-defended
Lo! The well was not well-tended
A note of poisoned warning

While most sought unseen murderers
The Halfling sought drunk murmurers
The best of raconteuriers
Lead all to drink till morning

There’s stories told of heroes bold,
of powers old as giants
before stones quake, before the break,
their fists would shake: defiance!
now all is cracked, the skies turned black
there’s no well-backed reliance
but far from home, when birds have flown
trust in the true Alliance.


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