weapon (melee)

Elven “Spinblade” Qadda’Ar-han

WindSplitter is constructed of a dark, almost black, highly polished wood with curved Elven steel blades at either end and silver filigree designs of leafy, thorn covered vines along the center wooden section. If one looks close, also in a silver, flowing Elven script are eight names including that of Din’dae.


Deep underneath a ruined structure in a secret and hidden armory, this Elven weapon sat forgotten. Forgotten until fate guided Din’dae and his companions to discover its concealed resting place which was untouched by the ruin of time.

With this weapons specific history still clouded in mystery and it’s future yet to be defined, Din’dae feels the calling of his heritage through this Qadda’Ar-han and seeks to learn more of its past.

Ancestral Heritage Weapon

Windsplitter is a unique elven relic wielded by Din’dae of house Vinchalla and crafted centuries ago by the elven hero Aranion, of house Talaviri, who was also one of the founders of the Elven Wealdlanders. If the wielder is worthy, the weapon will bond with him and begin unlocking its magical properties, continuing to grow in strength as its wielder does. This magical bonding of the weapon also captures a shard of life essence from its current wielder which over time can provide council to new bonded wielders.

Branch’s of Heritage

Along the shaft of this finely crafted elven weapon, is a flowing sliver filigree vine. The vine has 8 leaves and upon each leaf, in elven script is the name of prior wielders. The information comes after long meditation and communing with the weapon as well as direct communication with the spirits of the blase.
Windsplitter has served several masters since its creation, from warrior zealots to elven diplomats. Even served one of Din’dae’s great ancestors whose soul shard is pleased to see his line again carry the spin blade. Din’dae refers to the soul shards in his blade as The Seven.

Din’dae is the 8th Wielder of Windsplitter

Windsplitter: +1 Elven Spin-blade, Agile, Ancestral Spirits (various)

The Silver Leaf Tree


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