Staff of Heaven


The Staff of Heaven is a masterwork crosier (quarterstaff and holy symbol) crafted of highly polished ironwood. It is capped with a gold and silver holy symbol of the Sovereign Host, inside of which a shard of godstone has been incorporated. Divine power has granted it the following ability:

  • Constantly sheds light as a torch (20 ft. radius). At will as a free action, the light can be extinguished, dimmed, or reactivated.

The Staff of Heaven is a staff of office now sacred to the faith of the Sovereign Host, initially crafted of simple but sturdy oak for a then unknown cleric named Palomar. Sometime after his participation in the Battle of Rann’s Grotto, Palomar received a rare shard of godstone which he incorporated into the item. A subsequent divine revelation called Palomar to an even closer walk with the Sovereign Host against a rising threat to the world. Just as faith and service to the gods can change a man’s soul, so too was this unique item changed.

Through Palomar’s faith, service, and devotion, the simple carved wooden holy symbol was slowly transformed into pure gold and silver. Through a steadfast resolve to put himself in danger to protect others and stand unwaveringly for the tenets of the Sovereign Host, the oaken wood of his staff flaked away to reveal highly polished ironwood underneath. Over the course of his adventures, the positive energy and prayers he channeled through the crosier forged it into an item of miraculous power.

Staff of Heaven

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