Book of lost lore

Large tome of pre-magiclysm arcane lore


This large tome is just what its name implies, a treasure trove of pre-magiclysm lore on spell casting, ritual, other realms of existence, manipulation of life forms and arcane lore of all types.
The tome

None arcane spell casters who attempt to read even a little of the book must make a Fort save (DC 21) or be sickened. Even arcane spell casters find this book hard to follow as the print seems to swim before their eyes and if the go back to re-read a sentence, they will find that it no longer reads the same. Feelings of foreboding and being watched come without reason to the readers mind.
To get the books full benefits requires a week of uninterrupted reading and study after which the mage is granted a +1 to INT score and access to magic knowledge now only preformed by the highest level of Mages. Continued study hints at unlocking further benefits and knowledge over time.

After a week of study you discover many strange properties of the Book of Lost Lore. For one, its content is a living thing – that is, it continues to grow and change in relation to you, your understanding, and your knowledge, as well as, what you have deduced, the understanding and knowledge of magic in the world as a whole. Reading it is akin to having an interactive conversation in writing with a being of eternal intellect and immortal comprehension. Two, there are multiple layers of security to protect many of the writings – some of which only appear when subject to read magic and some others further encrypted. Three, you learn the following spells (if previously unknown): protection from evil, protection from evil (communal), and magic circle against evil. Finally, there is a purpose for the book – to actively oppose the foul powers of the ever encroaching Void. To this end, a unique page depicts the Elder Sign and acts as a wayfinder of sorts, providing direction and a vague sense of distance (“close” or “far”). Towards what however, has yet to be determined…

Page of the elder sign

The Origin of Evil
The Void


Book of lost lore

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