Academian Account

A small, well worn, hard covered, leather book


Book of deedsMade of expensive and rare materials, these books are given to prized Reaching Sands students by their instructors, each Account is slightly different but most have enchantments upon them to help protect them from fire, water, wear and tear. Some are said to be able to erase themselves so they may be used again and again and be passed down from teacher to student. For these reasons, an Academian Account makes an excellent spell book or field journal.
Celia’s journal, in addition to protective magics also has an extra dimensional pocket attached to the back cover. Inside the shoebox sized holding space, the group found a set of brushes commonly used by archaeologist, some fine silken scarves, costume body jewelry and earrings and a carved bone vial with minor preservative magic and an unknown almost alien writing upon it.


Academian Account

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