Ru'shey'Na Dwin'tlarn




Originally from Quilestra. Rumor says she is the daughter of the noble lines of elves, directly under King Feyenor. Some say she ran away from the palace and others say she was abducted by a coven of witches as punishment for her great grandfather’s failed promise to them. (they were promised great blessings for saving his wife’s life, the queen) So they bided their time and waited for the perfect time and took their great grand daughter.) A washer woman in the castle testified to seeing foul things in the skies that night, during a full moon in autumn. Ravens, crows and bats. A ground keeper swore he heard cackling and shrieking from above that night. It could have also been his wife discovering his mistresses undergarments.
No signs of struggle, no notes – just a few personal belongings were missing and her bedding. Thus the chief guard concluded she’d run away. If she’d be abducted, she would have fought or screamed. None knew of the witch’s ability to charm people with a gesture. Thus the kingdom came to believe she’d run away and shamed her family.

Ru She Na thought for sure her family would send help and find her, no matter the cost. She knew to be polite and patient with the people who captured her. Struggling would get her injured and mistreated.

But no one came. Days, weeks, months passed and no one came. Hope failed her and the witches who had been her captors soon became her family. She had dozens of “aunties” and several ‘uncles’ who seemed a tiny bit afraid of her. Perhaps because she was the only elf in the coven or that they feared the wrath of her father if they ever were caught. She had threatened them at first….and then grew silent around them – but only the men.

She dreamed one night of being chased through the dark woods, dogs barking and shouts calling after her. She wanted to turn back to see who was pursuing her but instinct forced to feet to flee….but in this dream she didn’t have feet — she had paws. reddish brown paws with white/black toes. She was on all fours, charging through the woods, able to see clearly in the night and smell everything in the forest as though for the first time. Powerful, fragrant, bitter, sweet, pungent. How had she missed these aromas? She ran on all fours and burst into a clearing, only to find a ravine, too deep to descend with no cross-over in either direction. The barking and shouts grew closer, she knew she had to make it to the other side. She was terrified. She froze in her tracks and cried out for help — she yelped. A strange animal cry. Lights approached and dogs were nearly on her — she turned back to the ravine and dashed to the edge and leaped…
Miraculously she landed on the other side just as the dogs burst into the clearing and edge of the ravine. She knew there was no going back – not to the life she once knew. She turned and raced into the forest, vanishing as the men found their dogs barking into the ravine.

She awoke with a start, then relaxed knowing it had been a dream. Oddly, she noticed a soft warm body next to her leg. Carefully she lifted her head and there at her side, curled asleep was a ruddy brown fox. Whispers from beyond her quarters caught her attention and she found several of her ‘sisters’ staring with their mouths agape at the spectacle. Unbeknownst to her, a fox had befriended her in the night. What she didn’t know was how rare it was for a witch to have a fox for a familiar. Then it struck her — she was a witch. She went to sleep herself and woke up a witch. Only a witch had a familiar. A fox as a familiar was a sign that mysterious magic was at work.

Ru She Na

Ru'shey'Na Dwin'tlarn

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