Human Cleric/Paladin


The ungrateful son of a successful guild wizard, Palomar demanded his inheritance at a young age (and prior to his father’s death) to go live a life of indulgent pleasure and debauchery in Kingshome. He lived as if there was no tomorrow and the gold would never run out.

But, Palomar’s gold did eventually run out. Having shamed his father’s name and debased himself fully, Palomar found that without his gold his friends no longer knew him, the establishments he had frequented no longer welcomed him and the slum was the only part of the city where he could rest without harassment.

And that is how Palomar’s father found him – penniless, alone and sleeping in the gutters. His father had never given up hope for his prodigal son and it was his father’s unconditional love and forgiveness that set Palomar upon a life devoted not to the arcane family profession but to serving and redeeming others through faith in the Sovereign Host.

Palomar received clerical training at Akadimar, but it was sometime after his participation in the Battle of Rann’s Grotto (308.9 AM) that he received a divine vision from the Sovereign Host. Called to willingly deny himself an ordinary life in order to embody their exalted teachings and serve the highest ideals, Palomar became a living vessel of the gods’ will. Receiving his sacred oaths, the Host blessed him with the divine power to search men’s souls, smite the wicked, heal the afflicted, and stand as a beacon of hope to the faithful.

Magic Items

Crosier Angl Ring of sustenance Amulet of natural armor
Staff of Heaven Mantle of the Exemplar Ring of Sustenance Amulet of Natural Armor

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1st Letter to Argonnian, 2nd Letter to Argonnian

Palomar Entreats the Party, Palomar Exhorts Din’Dae

Doctrine of Righteous Crusade

Special: Secrets of Combat, Mantras and Focusing Chants, The Abendego Cantos, Secrets of Comedy and Speech, Swordfighting Styles and Tricks, Asparic, Great Eagle Tattoo


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