Khaine, Human Weapons Master - Falchion


Standing 6’6" tall and weighing in at 235 pounds, Khaine is a fierce warrior of imposing stature.

Khaine has long black hair pulled back and secured in a pony tail, dark brown eyes and olive complexion. Khaine is most identifiable by his large black falchion slung on his back, and his wide brimmed black hat that is usually pulled down keeping his eyes in shadow.

Khaine has a an affable personality, although it may not seem so to others at times due to his gruff demeanor. Khaine’s fighting style can also be disconcerting as his moves are both elegant and extremely brutal.

Although his appearance and rough manners may cause him to be judged poorly by those who first meet him, his love of casual gambling and drinking will usually endear him to other rough sorts like soldiers and sailors.


Khaine has spent all his young life practicing the martial art of the falchion dance under the famous Half-Orc weapons master Solomon Groo. After learning all he could from the old master, he took up his dead father’s sword, bid farewell, and set out to challenge himself against the might of others.

For only through real combat can one truly master their art and themselves

And only then would Khaine seek to challenge the one who defeated his father.

Khaine has become a founding member of the Alliance. The Alliance is an adventuring company chartered with the Kingdom of Isles. They are currently opposing Celia and the race of ancient serpent Aspari, in their attempts to bring back her peoples evil greater god, Sithyiis.

Magic Items in use by Khaine:
Khaine wields his father’s heirloom Falchion, transmogrified by the waters of the Ebon Pool. The magic falchion “Ebon Fang” is a +1 Ghost Touch weapon, +2 vs Undead. An attached pommel piece gives a +2 damage bonus on Critical Threats.

Khaine wears the blood splattered gloves of the orc champion Voris Gromm. The gloves of Voris Gromm confer a +2 bonus to Strength.

Khaine wears a charcoal grey cloak woven through with threads of steel. This acts as a cloak of resistance +1.


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