Jemmrand Sorrowtongue

Mortician to nobility, Eulogizer of the famous and renowned, Biographer of death



What greater mark of a life well-lived than a glorious funeral? Will your deeds of bravery, honor, sacrifice, and courage be celebrated by your kin? How long will the women of your lands weep at your passing? Will your visage be chiseled into the battlements of your grandson’s castle?

There are heroes of great valor indeed; that slew dragons, razed mountains, even moved the seas. And yet you shall never know their names for the tales of their acts did not do them justice.

Your life’s work could be forgotten with the next autumn harvest. Your surname might be discarded for a more popular one generations from now. Your mark on history could be erased by the sands of time…

Or yours could be the legend that inspires your distant descendants to even greater glory! That is why all the great heroes from your stories of old have retained the services of one such as I; Jemmrand Sorrowtongue. Legacy. That is what remains after the worms have eaten through your coffin. Invest in your legacy that the people of all lands will know your name. Invest in your legacy that your family will be proud to call you their ancestor. Invest in your own legacy and you shall truly live forever.


Jemmrand Sorrowtongue – mortician to nobility, eulogizer of the famous and renowned, biographer of death
C/O Priest Billius Bige
Temple of Moneva
City of Farview
Kingdom of Isles


Jemmrand Sorrowtongue

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