Grunevard "Grune" Brighteye

Dwarven cleric of Ospalar


Grunevard travels with his warhammer Laidir emblazoned with the symbol of Ospalar in one hand and a sturdy shield in the other. Though slim of build for a dwarf, he is a stout bastion of faith in dark times. His auburn hair is greyed at the temples but he still shows the energy and zeal of one dedicated to a lifelong cause in the fixed stare of his piercing blue eyes


Grune is a proud Guardian of the Beacon on his Surface Walking right of passage. He is on a journey to provide guidance to the lost souls of the world, as the Great Beacon provided guidance to the dwarves out of the eternal darkness of the Underearth following the magiclysm.

Grunevard grew up in the faith of Ospalar but listened to his father and uncles’ gallows humor when relating grim tales of combat against otherworldly creatures attacking the city of Dwarfwatch from the deep places of the earth. Only with faith and the grace of She who lights the darkness did the dwarven people win the day.

One month ago, in anticipation of the Surface Walking he was soon to begin, Grune had a wise woman cast the runes for him. She informed him that he would be called to travel great distances to oppose ancient, unspeakable evils that threatened all the races of the Kingdom. So it was in the weeks that followed, while in the course of his normal duties, Grunevard discovered a torn and stained letter stuck to a recently arrived shipment from New Denwhich and he knew exactly where his Surface Walking would begin.

Grunevard "Grune" Brighteye

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