Crown Prince Veritar

Eldest son of King Bernhardt III


Oldest son of The current King of the isles, Bernhardt III.
the Crown Prince is very hands on and most see him as one of the best future Kings the isles has ever known. Equally adept at war and politics he none the less has a gruff manner like his father and seems to make enemies as well as friends by being bluntly truthful as he sees it.

After the attacks on Kingshome, Akadimar and other cities of the Isles crown, it is said the prince attempted to take the thrown by force. The manner in which this supposed coup attempt is unclear, but the Prince and some of his most loyal followers fled. In some parts of the kingdom, Golden Gryphons and Golden Lions who served with the Prince or were under his direct command made their way in to hiding as well. Those still loyal to and serving the Prince have been dubbed Veritas. It is assumed Prince Veritar still has some friends in government, but they are keeping silent and out of the public eye, lest they disappear.


Met very briefly by the party after the battle of Rann’s Grotto.

Crown Prince Veritar

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