Female Half-Elf Sorceress


Ceredwyn has an exotic unearthly beauty. She has emerald green eyes and raven hair which she keeps woven into dreadlocks with beads at the end of each. Her skin is a dark olive, tanned by the Sun. She still dresses in the manner of the people of the Reaching Sands, wearing loose pants and a cropped top that leaves her midriff bare. In addition to various arm bands and bracelets, she has a nose ring with a fine chain which connects to a piercing in her right ear. The left side of her face, her hands and her feet are adorned with reddish-orange Henna tattoos. She has a small pouch for her viper on her jeweled belt but normally keeps him wrapped around her arm.


Ceredwyn was kept under lock and key in a Convent in the Reaching Sands. She grew up under strict control and discipline and only managed to escape about a month ago and has been following the pull she feels inside herself which has drawn her to The lost city of Bantu-Asparr …


Kingdom of Isles girl