Scholar and researcher from the reaching sands.


Exoticly beautiful with dark skin, and lush red hair, her beauty is blunted by her stern expression and scholarly demeanor. She seems to have little time to chat with others and always has a book with her or is quietly in discussion with Landru Kovack.

Although friendly enough, Celia mostly keeps to herself. Whispers among the crew variously claim that she is really a Truscanni agent, the actual owner of The Sea Otter, or even Captain Landru Kovacks secret lover.


Srpntflk2Celia WAS a student and scholar from Eks a Toosh along the coast of the Reaching Sands. With an interest in the Kingdom of Isles. She found some ancient Pre-magiclysm text that describes an ancient temple built over even older ruins on a tiny island on the inner sea.

Once this secret was found out she was slain and her identity taken by a Serpent Priestess now searching for this ancient temple believing it leads to an ancient Serpent city and perhaps a way to bring her timeless greater God back in to his full power.

After two decades of study, certainly I am smiled upon by the Gods. I have found the drop of rain in the endless sands. After a thousand years, certainly since the time of the magiclysm, some one has found clues to the location of a truly ancient city, older even than the Old Kingdoms. It seems that exiles from this city established a small colony on a tiny island in the Inner Sea and I believe this island to have survived the magiclysm and is now known as Sailor’s Hook or simply “The Hook” as the pale skinned kingdom men know of it. From there they planned to one day return but I believe were thwarted by an ancient cataclysm, plague or invasion. I shall gather any clues or information I deem may be of help here in the journal given me by my mentor. Gods be my guide, I shall unlock more ancient secrets than any explorer in history.


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