Ariadne (Ari)

Eldrich Guardian and her Harbinger Archon companion


It is believed Ariadne’s family belonged to the extended families of Those Who Drift. When she was but a young girl her family was set upon in while traveling near the Land Rise She remembers little to nothing about the attack but is sure her family was killed, and an image of a gleaming silver spear. She awoke some time later, battered, bruised and covered in mud and small cuts near a small creek. In a few days she would find the ruins that would serve as her home for the majority of her young life.
Ari learned to survive alone in the Reaching Sands with a view of The Great Green below. If her people are naturally skittish of civilization, Ari is nearly phobic of it. She prefers to avoid others and has taught herself to hunt. On rare occasions she would sneak in to a caravan camp to steal food and supplies and listen to stories and rumors from the distance.

While exploring the ruins one day the floor gave way beneath her feet and she found herself in a buried chapel. To high to climb out, she had no choice but to explore. After some time she found a strange mechanical looking object, Examining it, she could tell some parts were clearly out of place, when she moved them to where she believed they should be, metal rings began to rotate and emanate sparks of light. In a start she dropped the object and backed away but the object floated before her and began speaking in a musical voice like tinkling bells.

Ari learned that the object was, in fact, a living being. It called itself a Harbinger Archon. Unable to pronounce its full name, it said she could call it Zort. It knew much and became Ari’s teacher, guardian and friend. Zort could remember the ages from before the magiclysm but faintly, as if a slowly fading dream. It taught her reading and writing and, in time magic, and once they found some of the archaic weapons in the ruins, combat. Every day, for many years they would practice one or more disciplines.

Somehow Zort knew that whatever dark forces were at work in the world were once again coiling to strike from the darkness of men’s forgotten memories. Ari was skeptical, she had spent years in the deepest parts of the ruins and had seen no evidence of an evil uprising. However, when Zort described the Aspari and implored Ari to join him in his battle against the forces of darkness she agreed to try. Many times she wanted to change her mind, she had lived so long by keeping a safe distance from others. But she was impressed by the strength of Zort’s convictions and as they traveled together she began to gain strength and added trust in Zort, even overcoming, in part, her phobia of other people. From tradesmen along the coast, she heard that a great and ancient city had been rediscovered and that among it’s many dangers were mightily powerful serpentine peoples living on an island in a lake surrounded by the great city.

Ariadne (Ari)

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