Almaran Kithalil

Not quite all there servant of Tauth. Dedicated to helping shape the best possible future for everyone


Mysterious mystic follower of Tauth.

So remind me again what’s the date? I see…And everyone’s still alive? And it looks like you have all…1,2,3…yup all 10; that’s good. And you’re sure we haven’t already had this conversation? I mean we have, obviously since everything that’s going to happen already has as I’m sure you understand. So who am I? Well that’s a really good question isn’t it? Who’s anyone really? We are who we are, who we have been and who we are going to become. All that’s in there it’s just how you see it. Hmm, that’s odd, I thought you stopped getting headaches years ago when I tried explaining things but I see you are getting that look again.

I haven’t explained anything yet? We’ve barely met? But what about the time with the Queen? And when we stopped the invasion of the….Ah! right, you’re at a different here and now than I am. Makes perfect sense now. Where were we? Oh right, I’m Almaran Kithalil, nice to meet you again.

I suppose you could call me a Witch or a Warlock if you’re gender sensitive. But really I’m just a vessel for My Lady. She who knows all, sees all but is sworn to never interfere; she only watches…What’s that My Lady, I’m getting my realities mixed again? Sorry. but you know that I have trouble sorting out what’s here and what’s there and when. I think maybe you crammed a little too much into my head. And let me just say that anyone who thinks Moonlight is gentle, has never has their head and soul crammed full REALITY. And yes you need to put that in capital letters. it’s REALITY!!!! We need some ominous music there too. No not on the paper, that’’s just weird. I mean for the theatrical release. Sigh…never mind…

So I’m on a mission from GOD!…::pauses a beat::..still don’t get that one do you? Inside joke, you’ll get it eventually, right before you…oops. Almost spilled the beans. Let’s move on.

Right, so mission from GOD, got that part right? Good, there’s something coming, trying to break through the veil between realities. It’s been here before and was driven back, but at great cost. We, us, we’ve been brought together to try and stop it or die horribly trying. I’m not really sure which one is going to happen, although right now the odds favor most realities with us ending up as monster bait. By the way, take a step to the right, would you? Good timing, rather ill pigeon is just about to fly over…I did say my right didn’t I? Sorry. let me help clean that up. See that’s part of the problem, I only see itty, bitty fragments of things. Otherwise my head would explode, literally and I have no desire to experience that again let me tell you. So I don’t always get it right or left. Get it? a little Seer humor there…

Right so here we are trying to save the cheerl…err, the world, this world anyway, which would be nice because all my stuff is on it. You’ve got that headache look again. I know! I can tell you some stories about what might possibly have already happened to some version of us at some point in one or more possible futures, you always loved those stories! Wait, why are you walking away? Just let me know if your headache gets any worse. If I say too much about what might possibly have already happened your head might explode too. So wrap something tight around it if just in case…Good talk!! Looking forward to the next we’ve already had!


Almaran Kithalil

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