Kingdom of Isles

Din'dae's Journal 2 - The Silver Leaf Tree

Image   din dae with chainmail

Din’dae lays napping in a glade so green as to use the word to describe anything else would belittle its meaning. As he sleeps a strong breeze blows across his resting form carrying leaves which caress his face as they pass by. The contact is enough to causes the elf to open his eyes and then sit up quickly with a hint of surprise upon his face.

Looking around the glade, as if not sure where he is, his eyes are drawn to the leaves that have continued their dance along the grass to a nearby sapling. There they spin about it’s branches briefly until the breeze finally subsides and they float silently and slowly to earth.

Sensing there is something special about this young tree Din’dae stands and moves towards it, each step taking in more detail. First he notices that the sapling has only 7 branches… why is that familiar he wonders… As he steps closer he sees that each branch has only one leaf… Yet it is not until he stands before it that he sees each leaf displays one name naturally engraved in silvery elven script upon its surface.

As he reaches to touch one, a strong breeze again blows causing the leaf to quickly turn… cutting the elfs finger. Naturally recoiling his hand Din’dae stares in wonder. Not merely at the silvery edge (now visible) of the leaf that the elf tried to touch, but the fact that all 7 leaves had turned in unison to meet the wind. A silvery edge seen in them all. They did not shake.. they did not waiver.. despite the direction of the breeze. Moving in unison, their angles always perfectly set to cut the air as it rushed by.

As the breeze continued a mist flowed with it and soon the elf’s vision was obscured. With it a an undeniable need to sleep took him and he once again laid down to rest…

Upon awakening in his tent that morning he again examined the newly acquired weapon of his ancestors. He noticed now there were eight names appearing on the haft of the Qadda’Ar-han in flowing Elven script… The name of Din’dae of house Vinchalla"

As he ran a finger over his name and said it aloud an answer, as if to an introduction, sprang to his mind… WindSplitter.

He stood and stared at the Qadda’Ar-han he held with a smile on his face. A rare display of emotion for him. He wondered if there was now an 8th branch on that silver leaf tree.



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