Kingdom of Isles

Palomar's Journal (Entry 6)


Having made it to Akadimar nearly a month after we set out for it, we have arrived only to find it in flames! As it turns out however, the greatest damage seems only along the coast… a naval attack? Who has the power to attempt such a thing? The pirates of Darkharbor? The Truscanni Empire? Certainly not the goblins… do they even HAVE watercraft?

While my mind turns ever towards those issues that I have been ordained to address, I know the other members of the Alliance have their own concerns as well. Khaine and Din’dae possess an association with the Kingdom’s military, Enoreth with the magi with which he trained, and then of course Jemmrand Sorrowtongue, who has still not reached the destination for which he was bound. I also expect that our fellow castaways, having survived the ordeal of shipwreck, will attempt to resume their lives.

  • I must inform the church regarding my discovery of the Unknown One and the endeavors of the serpentfolk witch Celia, and possibly the Darklord as well, to revive this elder god.
  • I wish to share our discoveries and explorations of the formerly cursed island with the royal cartographer or some such person or guild.
  • I desire to understand what threat to Akadimar caused the destruction seen there.
  • Finally, after conferring with the rest of the Alliance and praying to the Host, I shall decide upon a course of action.



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